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7 Natural Sleep Aids

By Dr. France Carpentier / December 28, 2016

7 Natural Sleep Aids Sleep is a vital ingredient for our health and wellbeing, recharging our brains and giving our bodies the time they need to repair and heal, and yet so many of us simply just don’t get enough of it. In fact, as adults we typically need around eight hours sleep each night […]


17 Natural Remedies For Insomnia That You Can Do At Home

By Dr. France Carpentier / October 31, 2015

There are known methods you can start right now that can impact your sleep. These are methods that have been found in research studies to help increase your ability to stay in bed, get some decent sleep, and wake up rested. Here are 17 different tips for you to cure your insomnia, starting tonight: Minimize […]


Types Of Insomnia And How To Treat Them

By Dr. France Carpentier / October 18, 2015

There are different types of insomnia – and each of them should be diagnosed differently. Transient Insomnia Transient insomnia is a temporary form of insomnia. You probably guessed this with the word, “transient” in the term. Transient insomnia can last a few days to a week. The causes of transient insomnia include things such as […]


“Do I Have Insomnia?” Take This Sleep Survey To Find Out!

By Dr. France Carpentier / October 14, 2015

You may be consoled to know that you aren’t alone in your pursuit to find an answer to insomnia. Sleep problems are rampant in today’s modern society, affecting one out of every four people! That’s a lot of people who aren’t getting their restoration and rejuvenation for the oomph they need for the next day. […]